This kite is a party for your peepers.


  • Made using 100% recycled ripstop fabric

  • Plywood handle

  • 30m cotton string

  • Super strong lightweight frame

  • Matching drawstring bag

  • Quick and easy assembly

Size: 115cm x 63cm


Our kites are made from super-tough, recycled ripstop fabric. Each kite uses the equivalent plastic of a 2 litre water bottle. The fabric features our hand-drawn illustrations and bright colours.

The tail acts as the rudder; keeping the kite gracefully dancing through the air... It also increases the cuteness factor by at least 30%.

The frame of the kite is extremely light and strong which gives the kite the flexibility and strength to withstand those sudden crash landings.



The renewable nature of wood made it an obvious choice for the handle. Lofty handles are designed to ensure little paws can keep a good grip on even the windiest days.

The handles are equipped with 30m of cotton string, which allows the kite to get maximum hang time. The locking slots allow you to keep the kite the height you desire.