Floss Cake Kit - Vanilla

Floss Cake Kit - Vanilla


A Flosskit contains everything you need to create Floss' delicious signature vanilla cake.

(Like a DIY cake kit or box cake but WAY better!)

  • Make the cake, take it to a friend, start an easy conversations about how they are doing, OR Create it together with your friend , OR Create this cake with your kids, OR just create and eat it all yourself!

Inside the Flosskit you will find:

  • All dry ingredients required to make the most delicious VANILLA cake

  • Heilala Vanilla Bean Paste

  • White chocolate bar for decorating

  • Floss' sweetheart and pink jelly bean candies

  • Floss' favourite 'Are You O'caKe?' sprinkles

  • Professional piping nozzle (the same ones that Floss uses) +piping bag

  • A special note from Lauren (aka Floss) about the 'Are You O'caKe?' project

*Flosskit requires wet pantry items, please read instructions carefully. (Oil, Eggs, Milk, Butter. Best created /consumed in six months.