Blissed Journals

Blissed Journals


There are two parts to Blissed. In part one you connect with your soul vision, and get clarity on your life dreams for the year ahead, and in part two you focus month-by-month and week-by-week on living with soul, taking action towards your goals, and consciously manifesting your best life.

Part guided journal, part weekly goals planner, and part manifestation journal, Blissed is the kind of soulful and practical tool you’ve been craving to help you:

– be more in-tune with your intuition and soul wisdom
– find more purpose and meaning in your life
– get clarity on your dreams and desires
– set meaningful goals and go get them
– get organised, keep focused and take action
– manifest your highest potential
– weave soulful rituals into your life
– flow with the seasons and lunar cycles
– be more mindful, grateful and intentional in your life

Blissed is like nothing else you’ll see. She balances the feminine energies of purpose, intuition, seasonal and lunar cycles, and manifestation, with the masculine energies of planning, goals, actions, and monthly and weekly planning.

No longer is life about what you ‘think’ you have to do, be, get or achieve. What matters so deeply is the dreams that live in your heart, your soul’s deepest desires, and the choice to live your life, your way. Blissed is like your own sacred map for the year ahead, the place where your soul dreams and hearts desires can grow.